The drafting of energy policies and endorsements that clearly express the intent of coverage and remain commercial is challenging. Our experience and understanding of the energy business, our knowledge gained from litigating the problems that result from ambiguous wording, and our long involvement in advising on draft wording gives us a unique advantage and perspective. Crafting wordings that strike an appropriate balance between clarity and marketability is a regular part of our practice and has become a hallmark of Hall Maines Lugrin.

The firm contributes and reviews current wordings for modifications on a broad range of forms, including builders risk, cyber coverages, bespoke marine and professional indemnities and political risk. Our extensive litigation practice allows us to keep underwriters abreast of U.S. legal developments and rulings in the energy sector that may affect London policy forms, as well as offer advice on the new version of the contingent operator’s extra expense policy (COEE).

Because we often argue cases of first impression on energy policies to trial and appellate courts, we are routinely consulted by lawyers, claims professionals and underwriters regarding claim developments and their impact on OEE/EED and package policy wordings. Providing informal advice on wording interpretations to claims professionals and suggesting improvements to achieve greater clarity in a variety of commercial insurance policies rounds out our practice.

Having grown up in this industry, our entrenchment in energy and insurance provides us a clear vision to seamlessly tie intent to expression and give clients a fresh perspective on policy wordings.

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