We’re not daunted by 20-page insurance contracts written in Spanish, 350-page bespoke contracts with 40 endorsements or towers of excess insurance with reinsurance issues. We fully understand placing, underwriting and claims practices. We know policy wordings and how they work in the real world. And we know the legislative, political and economic forces that drive the needs of insurers and insureds.

We regularly provide objective coverage advice, consult with foreign counsel and litigate cutting-edge issues on all types of coverages, including commercial liabilities, professional indemnities, EED/OEE, energy package, builders and construction risk (CAR and WELCAR), business interruption, loss of production income, difference in conditions, marine insurance (including hull, cargo, P&L and MEL), political risk, contract frustration, D&O, E&O and cyber risks.

These cases often get complex and technical, such as does a hull policy with builders risk clauses cover $30 million in boiler slag damage to a co-generation power plant that is built on a barge? The court said mid-trial that it doesn’t and granted the underwriters a directed verdict. Or, is a working interest owner entitled to $150 million in costs under the liability coverage of an energy package policy when there is a joint venture provision scaling limits to working interest? What does the Making Wells Safe provision really mean and how does it apply in a myriad of loss scenarios?

We are calculated and work collaboratively to consult, negotiate and tailor a resolution strategy that best fits the client and achieves the most favorable outcome. But the reality is that high-stakes claims often end up in court, and we have the credentials and know-how to go the distance in resolving the most complex and sophisticated disputes. In-depth knowledge, extensive preparation, and tireless work ethic, combined with our spirit and high energy, are the keys to our trial and appellate success.

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