Subrogation has become increasingly complex, with U.S. and international businesses losing hundreds of millions of dollars in liability that rightfully should be the responsibility of a third party.

Imagine this: A deep well in Louisiana nearing completion sustains a kick but the BOP fails, the well is lost and $100 million in well control and redrill expense incurred; or, a firing head misfires at the wrong time and wrong depth, destroying a $30 million oil and gas well in south Louisiana; or, a cutterhead dredge split through an unmapped subsea pipeline in the Gulf, causing $20 million in damages. These are just a few examples where we were hired jointly by the insurer and the policyholder to recover their losses.

Hall Maines Lugrin has long been considered a go-to firm for insurers and policyholders in subrogation and recovery litigation for claims involving hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. Our unprecedented knowledge and experience in the energy insurance industry gives us a strong foothold and advantage in cases arising from well-control failures, fires, explosions, defective products, and boiler, machinery and equipment failures.

We happen to know the industry equally as well as we know the law, which enables us to take into account the priorities that businesses face in deciding whether to pursue recovery. Our deep in-house technical knowledge, unparalleled trial experience and creative collaboration with insurers and policyholders ensure everyone’s interests are fully aligned. This includes handling cases on an alternative fee arrangement, because we are prepared to share the litigation risk with our clients.

Before retaining any law firm for a subrogation and recovery matter, review a list of results, including jury verdicts, in the past 5 years. We think you will want to get to know us better, as our track records speaks for itself!

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