Disputes are a natural fact of business life often requiring an outsourced resolution. However, we reject the view that litigation is the first option. We have found there are other equally effective processes to resolve disputes including negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

Our approach is to make every effort to resolve a dispute prior to litigation — if that can be done without prejudicing our client’s position. If litigation cannot be avoided, we have the experience to go the distance and try the case. In fact, that’s our sweet spot.

The level of creative thinking we bring to a case has allowed us, and our clients, to enjoy a successful track record and notable street cred. 

Our commercial disputes practice is diverse and covers a broad spectrum of business disputes, such as complex business and commercial transactions, energy insurance coverage, oil and gas well operations, partnerships, employment and professional and fiduciary relationships. We have also represented companies, officers and directors in antitrust, securities and M&A litigation.

We are based in the energy capital of the world, so it would stand to reason that most of our commercial disputes originate in the energy sector. But we also regularly represent lawyers and law firms in legal malpractice cases, Texas Medical Center institutions and other non-energy related clients in a variety of general business disputes.

We are driven by several guiding principles that serve our clients well. First, we don’t subscribe to a “one-size-fits-all” approach to litigation. We also recognize that to maximize value, discovery should be streamlined and thoughtfully directed toward the trial of the case.

Second, our experience teaches that excessive delay usually results in excessive legal expense. As a result, one of our prime objectives is to resolve disputes expeditiously.

Finally, we understand that trial attorneys are the client’s representatives in the courtroom and in the legal community where credibility and reputation mean everything. We take this responsibility seriously and hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that our clients are represented zealously, but also professionally and ethically. Bottom line, our client’s reputation is as important to us as our own.

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