The energy business faces a time of great challenge and risk. New technologies and rapidly changing regulatory requirements, security risks and environmental issues present an increasingly complex set of demands in balancing risk, cost and operational efficiencies. Sage advice and strong instincts are essential for a clear path forward.

Hall Maines Lugrin is grounded in the details and inner workings of the energy sector. From extraction to refining, our depth of technical expertise means that we can show the inner workings of a BOP to a jury, explain to a judge why operators contractually transfer certain risks and advise which delayed production calculation is accepted by courts for an unexpected shutdown. Our clients consistently rank us as one of the best law firms for insurance and commercial litigation because of our strong grasp of the industry coupled with our years of experience as trial lawyers.

We represent insurers, operators, companies and contractors in a variety of disputes, and are particularly adept at claims involving drilling of oil and gas wells, pipelines, refineries and the petrochemical business. We excel at advising whether blowout losses are covered by energy offshore wordings, resolving damage disputes involving transportation and processing of oil and gas, navigating tort claims arising from failed offshore installations and litigating complex business losses that result from energy investments and broken fiduciary duties.

We work tirelessly to represent the best interest of our clients and we are invested in their success. To us, this is not just our profession, but what passionately makes us tick.

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