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George Lugrin Discusses “War for Talent” with Texas Lawyer Amid Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many industry standards across the board, and the legal profession is no exception.  

In a recent interview with Texas Lawyer, Hall Maines Lugrin shareholder, director and President, George Lugrin, discussed how some of the biggest issues firms are facing are attracting attorneys and motivating associates to come back to the office in a competitive market for high-quality workers. Mr. Lugrin mentioned compensation as one of the key components of talent poaching.  

“Sure, the pay is good, but they’re expecting a whole lot from their workers,” he said. 

“They’re attracting people, they’re poaching people, and they’re getting the Harvard, Princeton and maybe some of those grads who typically stay on the East Coast or, in some cases, the West Coast markets. But they’re expecting a lot from them,” he said. 

Despite the enticement of bigger salaries at larger law firms, there are still those who don’t want the tradeoff of working longer hours—they want a quality of life, according to Mr. Lugrin. 

Check out the rest of his points in the full article from Texas Lawyer

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