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Oil Company Receives Recovery When Pipeline Is Ruptured by Wayward Dredge

After a company hired to perform maintenance dredging of a ship channel in the Gulf ran its dredge over a subsea gas pipeline, causing an explosion and fire, we filed suit against the dredging company, and against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who had permitted both the pipeline installation and the dredging project.

As lead trial counsel, we obtained a federal court judgment for the oil company that owned the pipeline and for its insurers for the property damage. The dredger and Corps of Engineers raised several factual and legal defenses; however, the trial court found that the incident was caused 60% by the Corps of Engineer’s negligence and 40% by the dredger’s negligence. Our clients were awarded $13.89 million in damages for repair costs, lost hydrocarbons and deferred production. We also handled the appeal by the defendants to the Fifth Circuit where the judgment was affirmed.

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