Products Liability

Products Liability

Deep Knowledge, Strong Instincts.

Defective and dangerous products, whether due to a design flaw, manufacturing defect or failure to provide appropriate warnings, can cause tragic personal injury and massive property damage. This is particularly true in the energy sector where a faulty product used during extraction, transportation or refining of oil and gas can endanger lives, damage the environment and destroy the results of years of planning and investment.

Hall Maines Lugrin has long been considered a leading firm for insurers and policyholders for claims involving hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. Our unprecedented knowledge and experience in the energy industry gives us a strong foothold and advantage in cases arising from well-control failures, fires, explosions, defective products, and boiler, machinery and equipment failures.

As an energy-focused trial boutique grounded in the details and inner workings of the industry, we are often found litigating highly technical product defect issues for energy companies and subrogated insurers. We rely on our industry-specific insights and strong instincts to quickly identify potential product liability issues and develop a successful game plan for resolution or litigation.

Whether the issue is a marine chain that failed on a floating oil production facility in the Gulf of Mexico, or a blowout preventer failure that destroyed an offshore drilling rig, production platform and well, our strong grasp of the energy sector allows us to understand the problem and solution in the context of the client’s business, sometimes better than they do. We attribute our ability to cut to the chase and quickly discern the real issues to decades of practical experience litigating complex engineering and design issues.

We also believe that having extensive education and training backgrounds, like a former NASA engineer in our mix, helps us thoroughly understand the complex hazards and risk management needs of the energy industry.

Case Studies
  • Bad BOP Parts Make a Good Insurance Recovery

    An oil and gas operator drilling a well in southeast Texas experienced a “kick” of flow coming back up the well to surface. The drilling crew timely activated the pipe rams of the blowout preventer, but it failed to hold pressure, and the kick rapidly became a massive above-ground blowout.

  • Proof of Product Defect Required Even If Fire Destroys Evidence

    A Texas pesticide manufacturing company burned after a gas-vapor explosion occurred in an industrial oven used to melt chemicals for retail products.